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Solemn Statement

        "MXBC is a national beverage chain brand mainly for fresh ice cream and tea drinks under the name of MIXUEBINGCHENG Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "MIXUEBINGCHENG") It is the exclusive owner of the trademark "MXBC" and other related trademarks.  
        Recently, MIXUEBINGCHENG discovered that fake WeChat public number, Weibo accounts and fake websites have appeared on the Internet, which are misleading to the public, such as issuing false investment information and promoting other brands under the brand name of "MXBC", causing serious damage to MIXUEBINGCHENG. The legitimate rights and interests of the. In this regard, MIXUEBINGCHENG makes the following statement.
1、MIXUEBINGCHENG only operates the brand "MXBC" under its umbrella, in addition, any other counterfeit brands that are similar to "MXBC" or add prefixes and suffixes to these four words have nothing to do with MIXUEBINGCHENG.
2. The only official website of MIXUEBINGCHENG is WWW.MXBC.COM, and the only investment hotline is 400-060-8888. In addition, MIXUEBINGCHENG has not entrusted any other third-party fast-moving websites, platforms and companies to conduct research on "MXBC". "The brand for investment promotion.
        The majority of consumers and franchise customers to raise vigilance, rational judgment of all kinds of news, beware of being deceived. For counterfeiters who impersonate the name of MIXUEBINGCHENG to conduct false investment and take advantage of the opportunity to induce flow, MIXUEBINGCHENG reserves the right to pursue counterfeiters related legal responsibilities.          
         We hereby declare!

Indian black tea mellow and sweet

Our black tea is from one of the world's four big black tea heavens-- India. It boast full-bodied and mellow flavor. The tea soup looks dark red and transparent, with slight scents of malt and rose. It can helps people keep stomach healthy.

New Zealand milk source natural and pure

Our milk comes from New Zealand's S40° natural golden milk source belt. The milk is pure and mellow, nutritious and delicious. We cooperate with New Zealand's largest brand Fonterra Co-operative Group. The products are certified with Halal.

Egyptian orange properly sour and sweet and juicy

The oranges are produced on the bank of the Egyptian mother river— the Nile River, also known as Egyptian honey orange. They have smooth and thin skin, thick pulp, high sugar content and rich juice. It tastes sweet and slightly sour.

Anyue lemon sour and cool

From the lemon capital of China-- Anyue, Sichuan, the lemons boast thin skin, rich juice and delicate pulp. Rich in citric acid, they smell good and taste better.

Fresh Squeezed Lemonade

Fresh and comfortably sweet and sour

Monas Ice Cream

Indispensable to both of the old and the young


Shake it before you drink. What fun!

Fresh Squeezed Lemonade
Monas Ice Cream
Three-In-One Industry Chain
  • R&D and production

    We have an independent product research and development team. We select high-quality raw materials worldwide and self-produce core raw materials. The production process is strictly controlled. We possess a number of patented technologies.

  • Warehouse logistics

    We have established a nationwide warehouse logistics network in Zhengzhou as the center. Our freight-free logistics policy reflects our strong and efficient logistics service.

  • Operation management

    We are fully responsible for the operation and management of the MXBC brand. By formulating management strategy and providing all-round training on the service and quality standards of outlets, we strive to enhance the brand's popularity and competitiveness in the whole country.

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