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Official Statement

     Mixue Bingcheng is a Chinese chain of fresh ice cream and tea stores operated by Mixue Bingcheng Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Our Company"). Our company has the sole exclusive rights to license trademarks including Mixue Bingcheng.

     Recently, we found some falsified Mixue Bingcheng WeChat official accounts, Weibo accounts and websites that had shared false franchise information or promoted other brands, which damaged our rights and legitimate interests.Therefore, our company issues the following statement:

1. Besides Mixue Bingcheng, our company only operates two brands - Lucky Cup and Gelato.Any other brands similar to the name of Mixue Bingcheng or claim that they cooperate with our company are counterfeits.

2. The only official website of Mixue Ice Cream & Tea: www.mxbc.com .The only franchise hotline: 400-060-8888.Our company has never authorised any other third-party copycat websites, platforms or companies to promote the brand Mixue Bingcheng.

     We kindly remind our customers and franchisees to be cautious regarding all kinds of information flowed in to avoid being scammed.Our company reserves the right to hold every counterfeiter who exploits the brand Mixue Bingcheng to make illegal profit accountable.      

     We hereby declare!

Mixue Bingcheng Co., Ltd
March 11, 2021

Tasty and intense Anyue lemon

Bursting with juicy sourness and freshness grown in Anyue, Sichuan province, China with thin skin. Pure and authentic.

Dairy from New Zealand Pure and Natural

Dairy sourced from the golden dairy region located at latitude 40 degrees south.

Delicious and full-bodied.

We cooperate with Fonterra, the largest dairy company in New Zealand.

Tasty and intense Anyue lemon

Bursting with juicy sourness and freshness grown in Anyue,

Sichuan province, China with thin skin.

Pure and authentic.

Egyptian juicy oranges

Bursting with juicy sweetness and slight sourness grown in the Nile, also known as Egyptian honey sweet oranges with smooth and thin skin.

Trending Drink Mi-Shake

Shake before drinking Tasty and fun

Fresh-Squeezed Lemonade Forever Favourite

Freshly sliced and muddled The stars of summer

Signature Cone

Trending Drink Mi-Shake
Fresh-Squeezed Lemonade Forever Favourite
Signature Cone
Three-in-one Industrial Chain
  • R&D

    Our own Research and Development Centre makes the best products possible. We source high-quality ingredients globally. Our patents and cutting-edge know-how enable us to produce core ingredients independently with strict standards applied.

  • Warehousing & Logistics

    Our warehousing and logistics centres spread all over the country, with Zhengzhou at the centre. No logistics fee is changed, making our logistics robust and highly efficient.

  • Operations & Management

    We have designated departments to formulate business strategy of Mixue, provide all-round training on the service and quality standards of stores, and enhance the brand's popularity and competitiveness.

The Road to Success
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