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Bringing high-quality and affordable products
to everyone around the world

Fresh ice cream and tea designated for the young.Established in 1997, we have always adhered to the principle of making high-quality and affordable products.We are committed to bringing the global ice cream and tea industry to a next level!

What is the story behind Mixue Ice Cream & Tea?

In 1997, Mr Zhang Hongchao, a college student, launched Mixue Ice Cream & Tea in Zhengzhou - a lifelong journey of bringing fresh ice cream and tea designated for the young starts. He set the mission of “bringing high-quality and affordable products to everyone around the world”.Never forget why he started and after more than a decade through thick and thin, he has led Mixuers to successfully build our own factory and supply chain. We are now able to produce core ingredients independently.


To ensure the quality of every ice cream and cup of tea, the brand Mixue Ice Cream & Tea is supported by Mixue Bingcheng Co., Ltd. on management and operation, Henan Daka Food Co., Ltd. on R&D and production, and Shangdao Intelligent Supply Chain Co., Ltd. on warehousing and logistics services.A complete industrial chain is formed to safeguard and fasten the development of Mixue Ice Cream & Tea!

Our founders love all Mixuers. Mixuers love each other. We love our customers and they return our love. Customers lover each other and Mixue loves its customers!


The slogan I Love You is the most common expression that conveys everyone’s affection for each other.Concise and catchy, everyone will know that Mixue Ice Cream & Tea is a loving brand and enterprise!

Completely renewed inside and out
In 2018 Mixue Ice Cream & Tea launches a new logo

Name | Snow King

Birthday | November 22nd

Characteristic | Adorable and dedicated

Title | Chief Quality Officer, Lifetime Spokesperson of Mixue Ice Cream & Tea

Mantra |  I love you. You love me. Mixue Ice Cream and Tea.

Hobbies | Singing. Dancing. Exploring new ways to devour ice cream and tea. Mouth-watering on spotting a favourite milk tea store.

Self-introduction |  I am Snow King. I hold an ice cream sceptre. I love ice cream and tea forever and ever.

Professional R&D team
Delivering world-class products

The R&D Centres at Henan Daka Food Co., Ltd. and Mixue Bingcheng Co., Ltd. safeguard the successful operations of Mixue Ice Cream & Tea. Together with professional and state-of-the-art production technologies and testing equipments, we provide comprehensive services and world-class products for franchisees.

50000+ m² fully automated production workshop
Ensuring quality from the source

Henan Daka Food Co., Ltd. was established in 2012, a modern technology enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and logistics.The company covers an area of nearly 200,000 square meters, with five fully automatic production workshops and a modern large-scale logistics distribution centre, serving the all stores across the country.

Putting people first
Providing first-class service

The proximal embraces great pleasure. The distant sees no distance.Striver-oriented. Customer-centred.We always focus on our stores and put people first.We strive to improve our services and establish a harmonious relationship with our customers.We value our customers and provide them with personal service and high-quality products.

Strengthening IT to achieve intelligent operations
Walk the walk and look ahead

We utilise big data and focus on intelligent application to strengthen and optimize the IT infrastructure. We have established a business intelligence database of stores to enable franchisees to access efficient and convenient IT management, so to better store operations.

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