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Make everyone around the world enjoy
high-quality and affordable delicacies

 MXBC is a national chain brand dedicated to creating fresh ice cream and tea for young people. Since establishment in 1997, it has always been adhering to the principle of high quality and affordable price, and committed to promoting better and faster development of the global ice cream and tea industry!

What has made today’s MXBC?

In 1997, Zhang Hongchao is a university student, started up his lifelong sweet career in Zhengzhou-- MXBC, a national chain brand dedicated to creating fresh ice cream and tea drinks for young people. He established the mission of MXBC, "make everyone around the world enjoy high-quality and affordable delicacies". For that, he has led his team to build plants(factory) and supply chains and self-produce core raw materials in the past 10 years.


 In order to make every ice cream and every cup of tea taste well, MXBC is now served by three companies-- MIXUEBINGCHENG Co., Ltd.  takes charge of management and operation; Henan D·Co Drinks Co., Ltd. takes charge of R & D and production; Zhengzhou Baodao Trading Co., Ltd. provides warehousing logistics services. The three companies cooperate to form a complete industrial chain to guarantee the rapid growth of MXBC in Chinese beverage industry!

 This love is the love of the boss for the employees, and the love among employees; this love is the love between the employees and the customers, and the love between customers and MXBC; this love is the love among customers, and the love of MXBC for customers!


Our super slogan "I love you" is a universal sentence for all mankind to express love. It is clear, catchy and easy to spread. It tells everyone MXBC is a loving brand and a loving enterprise!

A thorough update
MXBC in 2018
launched a new brand image

Name | Snow King

Birthday | November 22nd

Character | cheeky and cute,focused

Title | Chief Quality Control Officer and lifelong spokesman of MXBC

Pet phrase | I love you and You love me. MXBC brings sweet.

Hobbies | singing and dancing; developing creative edible methods of ice cream and tea; cannot stop licking lips when see his favorite milk tea shop

Self-introduction | I am Snow King with an ice-cream scepter in my hand. I only love ice cream and tea in my lifetime.

A strong R & D team
Don't worry about good products

The R & D Center of Henan D·Co Drinks Co., Ltd., the R & D Center of Zhengzhou Liang’an Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. and Mixue Shenzhen Research Institute-- our three product R & D centers serve one brand heart and soul. Professional production and testing equipment and advanced technology guarantee full services and first-class products to our franchisees.

Selection of global quality raw materials
Real materials, high quality

Strict quality control, in-depth visits to the world's best raw materials, domestic and international selection of high-quality selection of good quality origin of ingredients, South Africa lemon, Egyptian oranges, Indian black tea, New Zealand milk sources ... .... Each raw material is selected through layers of screening to ensure high quality.

50000+m² fully automated workshops
Control product quality from source

In 2012, Henan D·Co Drinks Co., Ltd. was established, a modern tech firm integrating research and development, production, sales and logistics. Its integrated building area reaches nearly 200,000 square meters, with five fully automated production workshops and one modern large-scale logistics distribution center. It serves our franchisees nationwide.

Adhere to the concept of people first
Provide first-class service

The nearer is pleasing, the farther comes, and the strivers are the basis, and the customers are the center. Always focus on the store, adhere to the people-oriented service concept, improve service quality, and establish a peaceful and harmonious relationship with customers. Respect, to meet the needs of customers, to provide customers with humane service and quality products.

Speed up information construction and promote intelligent operation
Based on the present and looking to the future

Driven by big data, we will focus on intelligent applications. We will continuously strengthen the support ability and comprehensive guarantee ability of optimizing information infrastructure construction, and establish a big database of store to benefit our franchisees from the high efficiency and convenience of information age and facilitate their operation of store.

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