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Eight steps to open a profitable Mixue store
Eight steps to open a profitable Mixue store

01.Franchise Consultation

Telephone/online consultation for franchise details

03.Telephone evaluation

Evaluating the applicants’ qualification for opening a store

05.Contract signing

Sign a franchise contract


Theoretical and practical training on store operation management

02.Submit an application

Fill in the Headquarters Franchise Application form

04.Store evaluation

Evaluating whether the selected site for the store is feasible


Design and decorate the store

08.Store opening

Mixue provides guidance on opening activities

Adhering to the principle of openness and transparency
Frequently Asked Questions
  • q:

    According to Article 45 of the FOOD HYGIENE LAW OF THE PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA: Persons suffering from diseases incompatible with food hygiene stipulated by the health authorities of the State Council, must not be engaged in any work involving contact with ready-to-eat foods.All persons engaged in ready-to-eat food production must undergo an annual medical examination; persons newly employed or serving temporarily in this field must also undergo a medical examination and may not start work until they have obtained a health certificate.Diseases Incompatible with Food Safety issued by the National Health Commission of the PRC include: (1) cholera (2) bacterial and amoebic dysentery (3) typhoid and paratyphoid (4) viral hepatitis (A and E) (5) active tuberculosis (6) suppurative or exudative dermatosis.
    As Mixue Ice Cream & Tea involves ready-to-eat food production and in order to avoid unnecessary losses, we kindly remind potential franchisees to check he or she does suffer from the above diseases and shall obtain health certificates according to regulations.

  • q:
    How does Mixue franchise operate?

    Mixue Ice Cream & Tea is a store-based franchise. Franchisees bear all the costs and do not pay any commissions to the parent company. This enables the company to manage all operating markets and set up a standardized and transparent market mechanism. Store consistency is guaranteed in this way and franchisees have more flexibilities.

  • q:
    What is the pass rate of telephone evaluation?

    As a matter of fact, the telephone evaluation process is not simply a tool to screen applicants. Our aim is to better understand each other and achieve win-win cooperation.

  • q:
    How can I make a profit as the drinks are very cheap?

    1.Mixue has its own supply chain and independent factory to produce core ingredients. Without middleman pocketing the difference, franchisees can get all ingredients at cost price.
    2. As we now have tens of thousands of stores, we have a lot of leverage to purchase high-quality ingredients - milk, tea, fruit, coffee and sugar - at low cost;
    3. We have waived all logistics fees for franchisees. Ensuring all products are affordable and of high-quality, franchisees still have profit margins. Low-margin and mass-market strategy prolongs business vitality and brings high-quality and affordable products to everyone around the world.

  • q:
    What certificates do I need to open a store?

    Please refer to local governments regarding certificates required. We can provide supporting documents upon requests. Certificates required:
    1. Health Certificate: necessary for store staff. Please apply at relevant health organisations such as epidemic prevention centres, disease control centres or local hospitals;
    2. Business License: please bring your lease contract to your local Industrial and Commercial Service Hall of to submit your application;
    3. The Catering/ Food Service License: obtain ONE according to the local food hygiene requirements as advised by your Industrial and Commercial Service Hall;
    * Apply online or at your Industrial and Commercial Service Hall. For more please consult local institutions.

  • q:
    What are the requirements for the size of store and equipments?

    Net operating area: ≥ 20㎡ (single floor)

    Storefront signboard: width ≥ 2m; height ≥ 0.4m
    Store interior: doorway width ≥ 2m; store width ≥ 2.5m; depth ≥ 2.5m; net area of ≥ 20㎡
    Height: door height ≥ 2.5m; Indoor height ≥ 2.7m
    Water: abundant water supply and smooth drainage system;
    Power: 380V three-phase electricity. Total power shall exceed 37kw.
    Note: Special store location or layout shall be examined and approved by the company.

  • q:
    How many staff shall I have for one store? Will the headquarters recruit store staff?

    We provide guidance and franchisees shall recruit their own staff. We recommended you to recruit one more employee for every 1500 yuan sales increase.
    Average daily turnover: 2500-3500 yuan ≥ 3 staff
    Average daily turnover: 3500-5000 yuan ≥ 4-5 staff
    Average daily turnover: over 5000 yuan ≥ 6-8 staff

  • q:
    Are there distinctive low seasons and peak seasons?

    It depends on your store location. Campus stores have distinctive low and peak seasons during winter and summer vacations; Street side stores with sitting areas are not affected; Shopping mall stores are not affected as temperature is controlled. It varies across different regions.

  • q:
    How often shall I renovate the store?

    Normally renovation is required for every contract period (3 years). The drinks industry is changing ever faster. A store with renovation from three years ago is regarded as outdated as a result of wear and tear. Renovating your stores in time attracts more customers as they will always have new expectations and that will further make your store excel.

  • q:
    How much should I pay for store staff?

    We offer two indicators that will help to control wage, management, training costs and retain talents. No. 1: Local payment threshold. No. 2: Wage costs shall be at about 10%-20% of the monthly turnover.

Solid support from Mixue
  • Supply of core ingredients

    The quality of ingredients directly affects sales. In order to uphold the principle of “high-quality and affordable”, except for a small number of ingredients provided by suppliers, Mixue has built its own factory to produce our core ingredients.

  • Robust logistics system

    The general warehouse is set up in Henan province. Four warehouses are set up in the east, west, north and south regions in China. Together we have covered every franchisee across the country.Cost is lowered significantly for franchisees by placing bulk orders. Ingredients and materials are delivered to our stores as fast as possible thanks to our reliable logistics system.

  • Professional site selection evaluation

    Our staff help you evaluate the site conditions, business environment and technical conditions of the store comprehensively. We also provide franchise feasibility analysis, including turnover, investment, profit and loss estimations as well as suitable locations.

  • Design and decorate the store

    In order to ensure visual identity consistency, the designs of the store are provided free of charge. Decoration will be constructed by company-approved construction teams.

  • Systematic operations training

    Besides personnel recruitment and management information, we conduct training sessions to you and your staff. Management consultants will offer instructions on-site.

  • Store opening instructions

    We offer Tips on How to Open a Store booklets. Regional managers will be there for you to provide promotion instructions on-site, including store displays, arrange and organize activities, to attract more customers and increase turnover.

  • Products R&D

    Our professional Research and Development team create authentic and tasty products by combining tea, fresh fruit and dairy. Everything we have is fresh, healthy, original and authentic.

  • New products every quarter

    Based on the latest market demands, we upgrade our menu and roll out new drinks regularly to keep up to the trends.

  • IT system

    We have digitalised all sales data, store management statement and sales management system, enabling easy-access to the latest sales information and sales problems, so as to optimize operations.

  • Marketing

    We offer marketing plans for your stores to increase exposure, create sales records, improve brand influence and reputation in the region.