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Three Cost-Free Policies

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Three Cost-Free Policies
Happiness is a fruit of your struggle
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    MXBC cherishes every like-minded fighter. We hope you are a partner that shares our values, so that we can press ahead hand in hand!

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    It does not matter whether you have the experience of running an outlet or not. As long as you are willing to learn, we have prepared "Studies for Super Shop Manager", "Business Management Studies", "Catering Sweeping Standards" and other quality courses for you!

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     We hope that you have great enthusiasm and confidence in the cause of MXBC. After you pass the company's audit and interview, you can become our partner. Join MXBC to develop the brand together with us!

Easy eight steps to open a super-profitable MXBC outlet
The principle of openness and transparency
A Strong Support System
  • Supply of core raw materials

    The quality of raw materials directly affects the business. In order to uphold the "high-quality and affordable" product concept, our company has built its own raw materials factory. Except for a little part of raw materials supplied by designated suppliers, most of the core raw materials are produced by the company's factory.

  • Strong logistics support

    The company's central warehouse is set up in Zhengzhou. We also have branches warehouses throughout the country. Our powerful centralized procurement mode greatly reduces the investment cost of our franchisees; our fast and reliable material distribution system can deliver raw materials and supplies to store.

  • Professional site selection & assessment

    Our company provides comprehensive evaluation of the site conditions, business district and technical conditions of a new outlet, and provides investment feasibility analysis, including turnover estimation, investment estimation, profit and loss estimation and recommendations for site selection.

  • Store design and decoration

    In order to keep uniform the brand image of MXBC, we provide free store space design for franchisees. The construction shall be carried out by an engineering team reviewed and approved by our company.

  • Systematic operation training

    The company will provide reference data on personnel recruitment and personnel system, open store management courses for you and your employees respectively, and send business consultants for on-the-spot guidance.

  • Opening instructions for new outlets

    The company provides standard operating procedures such as opening manual, and special personnel will arrange and organize activities on the spot to build up the momentum and shape favorable atmosphere, so as to attract consumers, open the market and improve outlet performance.

  • R&D of original products

    Our professional product R & D team aims to create delicacies by combining original leaf tea, fresh fruit, pure milk and other healthy ingredients in the principle of “seasonal, healthy and authentic.

  • Quarterly product updates

    The product structure is constantly adjusted according to the market demand every quarter, and the products are updated irregularly to adapt to the changing market.

  • Digital systems

    Our digital sales data system and outlet management statement and sales management system make it easy for our franchisees to grasp first-hand sales information, timely discover sales problems and improve business performance.

  • Brand marketing planning

    We will provide store marketing programs to increase store exposure, break product marketing barriers, improve brand influence locally and enhance store credibility.

A Strong Support System
Q & A
  • q:
    Since your products are so cheap, how to make profit?

    1、We have our own supply chain. Our raw materials are produced by self-built plants. There is no middleman to pocket the difference. We supply our franchisees at cost price;
    2、There is premium advantage for more than ten thousand outlets to simultaneously purchase upstream milk, tea, fruit, coffee and sugar. We can purchase high-quality ingredients at low cost;
    3、Logistics expenses are borne by the headquarters to ensure low-cost and high-quality products in order that our franchisees can make profit. Our company adopts the strategy of small profits but quick turnover, so that everyone around the world can enjoy high-quality and affordable tea drinks.

  • q:
    What documents are required to open an outlet?

    The relevant documents need be handled by the franchisee at the local departments concerned. The required documents are as follows:
    1、"Health Certificate" for each outlet employee, to be obtained at the sanitation and antiepidemic station/disease control center/ people's hospital or other;
    2、Business Permit: You can obtain one at the industrial and commercial administration hall of your administrative district by presenting your tenancy agreement and submitting your business content and industry;
    3、Catering/Food Service License: You can obtain either of them in accordance with the local food hygiene requirements and the recommendations of the industrial and commercial administration hall;
    *Now, you can submit information online, and then obtain all the documents at the local industrial and commercial administration hall. Please consult local authorities for details.

  • q:
    How many employees are needed by one outlet? Is the head office responsible for recruitment?

    The head office will provide guidance, and the franchisee need organize recruitment by itself(themself). It is recommended to increase 1 employee for every increase of average daily turnover by RMB1,500 after the opening of the outlet.
    Average daily turnover: RMB2500-3500=》3 employees
    Average daily turnover: RMB3500-5000=》4-5 employees
    Average daily turnover: above RMB5000=》6-8 employees

  • q:
    Are there obvious low season and peak season?

    It depends on the specific location of a outlet. Campus outlet have a low season, that is, the winter or summer vacation (3 months). For street outlets, there with a leisure area have no obvious low season and peak season; outlets in shopping malls have no obvious low season and peak season because of the constant temperature; the specific situation depends on the location.

  • q:
    How often is the storefront decorated?

    Usually once every contract period (3 years). The current business environment of the tea drinks industry is changing with each passing day. A store will become old and out of date in 3 years. Regular re-decoration can make your store take on a new look, so as to improve competitiveness of your store.

  • q:
    How much should the employees be paid?

    There are two indicators. One is the local wage standard; the other is not more than 15% of the monthly turnover. This can not only control the cost of personnel, but also retain your employees and reduce management & training input.