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New store image
Flagship type

Area: above 80m²
Function: Internet Red Shop, Benchmark Store, Surrounding Display, Rest
Business districts: busy business streets, shopping malls, shopping centers, department stores

Evolution of MXBC store image
Generation I

There was only one single store. Its main products were snow bubble, milkshake and sundae series along with fried chicken and hamburgers.

Generation II

It was opened to franchisees, and began to promote ice cream as the main product.

Generation III

A brand Logo was launched. Fresh ice cream and tea drinks were determined as main products.

Generation IV

We tried minimalism-- The Logo was omitted, and the storefront signboard was designed into gray background and white characters.

Generation V

The Logo was optimized and upgraded. The brand color and font were finalized.

Generation VI

We continue to use the brand color and font of Generation V. A new IP image-- Snow King-- is released. The brand Logo is upgraded.


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